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Stability, Reliability, and Durability should be the design keys for embedded systems. APRO's products are fully compliant with embedded systems, and satisfying most industrial and military customers' application needs.
Sudden Power Failure Data Protection Technology
Most of customers are often suffered from the system failures because of the power interruption. Therefore, it requires a unique feature in storage devices for data protection against sudden power interruption. The most possible situation of.........
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Advanced Secure Erasing Features
Secure Erase is a standard ATA format command and will write all “0xFF” to fully wipe all the data on hard drives and SSDs. When this command is issued, the SSD controller will empty its storage blocks and return to its factory default settings........
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aSLC Technoligy vis Sophisicated Firmware
The aSLC can be considered as an extended version of the MLC. While MLC contains both fast and slow pages, aSLC only utilizes fast pages for programming. The concept of aSLC is demonstrated in the Figure 2 below. The first and second bits of ..........
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