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In APRO, all departments and teams focus on professional product planning, design, verification, production, and quality testing; professional consulting services, product recommendations, and quotations within a short period of time; professional after-sales service and project history tracking. The profession is the best guarantee of APRO quality. APRO understands very well that the major purchasing characteristics of industrial computer, aerospace, defense, and military applications are tight but there are a variety of different special requirements. In addition, APRO can do its utmost to send within a few working days a sample to the customer to do compatible and functional testing. After the successful testing of the samples, APRO also offers fixed-BOM products to meet the customer's long-termed order needs."


- APRO is 100% dedicated to industrial & military markets

- APRO introduces comprehensive product lines in SLC, MLC, aSLC (enhanced MLC) and 3D NAND flash IC

- APRO serves customized products

- APRO provides OEM service in small quantity

- APRO follows long-termed supply policy

- APRO offers technical direct support

- APRO promises prompt service for RMA within the warranty period


- Comprehensive Product Lines

- Fixed BOM Solution

- Long-termed supply

- Strict one-by-one QC

- 24 HR Response

- On-time Delivery


- OEM Service

- NRE Service

- Data Preload Services

- Unique Series Number in ID Table

- Customized Model Name in ID Table

- Customized Volume Name in ID Table

- Specified C.H.S. for Disks (SSD)

- Customized Packages

- Outsource Services