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About APRO

APRO was founded in April 2004 and has become the leading industrial NAND flash storage products in Taiwan and one of the major industrial NAND flash storage providers worldwide. Headquartered in New Taipei City and has over 20 employees, APRO has exceeded quality expectations and performance in the global marketplaces.

The Trustworthy Industrial NAND Flash Storage Provider

We consider customers' needs to be our responsibility. Therefore, we offer punctual technical support, make prompt delivery, have good quality control and offer global after-sales service. We have an advanced research and development department to innovate new products. As we pay close attention to every detail of our work, our customers have never failed to be satisfied with our performance. It's no wonder that they never hesitate to give us more important projects for continual cooperation. In addition, we have established a close partnership with many global companies, including some in Europe, North America, South America, China, and the Asia Pacific.

Rigorous Testing & Quality Control

With over 20 years of experience in the field of industrial computing as well as embedded computing, APRO realizes the importance of good quality storage equipment. All APRO's products follow a series of rigorous QC testing procedures: AOI inspection, Function Testing, Environmental Testing (high/low operating, and non-operating temperature, Humidity, vibration, drop test), Static and Dynamic burn-in, and Final Quality Control, etc. APRO adopts the advanced equipment to efficiently execute the quality procedure from new product development with debugging processes and sample testing to manufacturing quality assurance, which contains application notes, real-time technical feedback and RMA service by our superior Engineering Teams.Reliability Tests conducted by our in-house Lab include electrical testing, operating systems, and hardware compatibility testing and others. You can count on us with our QC system with constant feedback on design and spec. reliability & stability. Periodic auditing and facility calibration are strictly implemented to make sure all quality standards are followed to screen potential quality problems of each product.Our quality control system consists of three parts: DQA (Design Quality Assurance), MQA (Manufacturing Quality Assurance) and CQA (Customer Quality Assurance), which are executed in PDCA(Plan-Do-Check-Action) cycle in the three parts.These quality control measures guarantee high efficiency in our order confirmation, design, material preparation, manufacturing, packing, and delivery. We hope you will take full advantage of our past achievements and implement them in your business shortly.

Superlative Technical Supports

APRO's technical support team is readily available to provide technical assistance.We make interactive phone and video conferences and even simulate customers platforms for real-time troubleshooting.We are proudly committed to providing the highest quality and customer satisfaction, with the 24-hour turnaround from simple inquiries and technical assistance to on-time delivery.To provide the fastest possible service & support to worldwide customers from every aspect, APRO set up an extensive infrastructure with the advanced system from products research and development to delivery. We are consistently investing and upgrading to move forward quickly to build up a perfect global service network.


APRO's eData Bank integrates various databases for product information, technical document reference and troubleshooting FAQ, customized on-line registration for quick access to Catalog/Data Sheet download and marketing resources like product pictures, flyers and so on. APRO continues to enhance the eService with a complete solution for a prompt and accurate response to sales inquiries, technical questions and web RMA procedures.

Global Logistical Service

Our service doesn't conclude with getting orders, we care continuously before, during and after customers purchasing.And we are fully aware of the important effect of prompt shipment with complete logistic service and localization support. To help customers accelerate time to market from the sampling stage to final implementation, APRO enhances it with real-time global logistical service and with support from the regional service network and supply chain connection.

Contact APRO

APRO Taipei Office:
Address: 15F-2, No.2, Jian 8th Rd., Zonghe Dist. New Taipei City, 23511 Taiwan.
TEL : +886 2 8226 1539
FAX : +886 2 8226 1398