APRO Industrial SSD
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Statement of APRO Supply Policy

We, APRO Co. Ltd., hereby states that we can supply SLC Flash products as long as the SLC flash IC and controller are available in the market.

APRO mainly provides our flash products in Fixed solutions, same controller, same brand of flash IC, same firmware, same components, etc…

The following statement describes our supply policy:

- As long as SLC flash IC and Controller IC are available, APRO can supply our products continuously.

- Releasing PCN (Product Change Notice) or ECN (Engineering Change Notice) 3 months in prior if any part of change is planned to be made on APRO’s products.

- Releasing EOL and provides “last buy” opportunity to customers 6 months in proior if any of APRO’s products are going to be phased out.

- Provides alternative solution at the same time.

> 2018 APRO Catalog

> Product Changes Noteic (PCN)

> End of Life (EOL)

> REACH Conformity

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