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APRO Announces MUSE-D Series

APRO announces MUSE-D Series MLC SATA III CFast™ Card (CFA) to satisfy the demand of full-time high random reading/writing speeds for small files in industrial and embedded applications.

APRO MUSE-D Series MLC SATA III CFast™ Card (CFA) uses Marvell controller and Toshiba MLC Flash IC. It adopts the latest 4K Mapping operation, that reduces WAF accumulation and enlarge number of write-operations efficiently. It also provides the best performance and the outstanding reliability through the real-time wear leveling operation. APRO MUSE-D Series MLC SATA III CFast™ Card (CFA) provide sequential Read/Write speed at 530MB/s and 210MB/s, and 4K random read/write speed up to 32,000/26,000 IOPS, making MUSE-D Series MLC SATA III CFast™ Card (CFA) perform faster on high-density applications for the booting operating systems or full-time data recorders.

In addition, the LDPC ECC (low-density parity check error correction code) technology, comparing to the error correction code (ECC), has more excellent error correction capability for longer code lengths, and it can greatly improve the life cycle of flash memory which means more errors can be corrected on each page to maintain a longer lifespan of the flash memory.

Except the LDPC ECC, MUSE-D Series MLC SATA III CFast™ Card (CFA) also supports technologies below which provide better performance and convenience to ensure the safety and endurance for the industrial and embedded applications.

Power Loss Data Protection: In order to ensure that the last read/write command can be completed, the power loss data protection will immediately stop reading or writing command when it senses the unstable power or insufficient wattage. Therefore, the data can be safely and completely saved in the CFast™ card. Once the power is restored, the system will move on with the process.

Native Command Queuing (NCQ): Working along with the firmware and controller of hard disk and operating system, NCQ could improve the reading sequence of the sector, advance the performance and mitigate the rate of wear, especially increasing efficiency on server applications.

Static Wear Leveling: Static wear leveling is used to prevent the updating static data from staying in the static area and make blocks fully and evenly applied, then each block can have the same usability.

Garbage collection & TRIM: CFast™ Card uses Garbage Collection & TRIM to reduce the amount of garbage in order to decrease the unnecessary wear of the flash IC.

S.M.A.R.T.: The users could know the health condition of CFast™ card through S.M.A.R.T.. It can not only predict the lifespan of CFast™ card but collect the data to know the usage of CFast™ card, letting users replace with the new product at the proper time. Or, you can also provide the relevant data to APRO engineer to do the technical analysis, and APRO will offer the effective solution.

APRO MUSE-D Series MLC SATA III CFast™ Card is fully compliant with CFast 2.0 specification and ATA8-ACS2 command set and is designed with 7-pin data and 17-pin power connectors. Combining CF card's form factor and SATA interface makes APRO MUSE-D Series MLC SATA III CFast™ Card have better performance than the traditional CF card under the conditions of small form factor and harsh environment.

Moreover, APRO MUSE-D Series MLC SATA III CFast™ Card (CFA) also conform to the SATA 3.1 (6.0Gb/sec) specification with low power consumption and provide compatibility with 3.0Gb/s and 1.5Gb/s interface as well.

Furthermore, to ensure the reliability of quality and ability in different environment temperatures, APRO strictly chooses the high-end components and conforms to the standard of the industrial system. APRO MUSE-D Series MLC SATA III CFast™ Card (CFA) cards are designed to be used not only in the standard temperature 0°C ~ 70°C but also in wide temperature -40°C ~ 85°C. In addition, APRO applies the conformal coating to the PCBA of CFast™ cards to take the advantages of moisture, dirt, and dust prevention and chemical pollution. The conformal coating can also prevent the corrosion from soldering, becoming an isolation and eliminating the electromagnetic interference.

The capacities of APRO MUSE-D Series MLC SATA III CFast™ Card are available from 8GB to 256GB, and they are suitable for various system booting in the industrial motherboards and also the choices as the data storages for small files random writing.

About CFast™ card

CFast™ card is based on SATA bus instead of the PATA / IDE bus. CFast™ card combines with the form factor of CF card and SATA interface to take advantages of SATA interface and small form factor. With the features of low power consumption, small form factor, long lifespan, anti-vibration, high shock resistance, and withstanding extreme temperature and harsh environment, the CFast™ card has become the optimal solution to improve CF card in industrial application. CFast™ card is normally applied to surveillance server, ticket vendor, telecommunication equipment and vehicle automation.

MUSE-D CFA Capacity compatibility Operating Temperature RoHS-2 & REACH SMART Conformal Coating
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