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APRO Release New HERMES-I Series SLC mSATA (MSM) &

APRO, the world leader of NAND Flash Storages for industrial & military applications, is pleased to announce HERMES-I Series SLC mSATA (MSM) and HERMES-J Series mSATA mini (MSH). Both modules are compliant with SATA 3.0 Specification (SATA Gen 3 supports 1.5Gbps /3.0Gbps/6.0Gbps data transfer rate).

HERMES-I Series SLC mSATA (MSM) and HERMES-J mSATA mini (MSH) are designed with the latest 4K Mapping algorithm, that effectively reduces the accumulation of the Wear-Amplification-Factor (WAF) and the static wear-leveling algorithm provides an optimal performance, endurance and excellent reliability.

HERMES-I Series SLC mSATA (MSM) and HERMES-J mSATA mini (MSH) also feature with TRIM, NCQ, and SMART capability. Both series are available with Standard Grade operating temperature from 0°C to +70°C as well as Industrial Grade from -40°C to +85°C. To enhance moisture resistance, both series are available with Conformal Coating upon request.

APRO's HERMES-I Series SLC mSATA (MSM) and HERMES-J mSATA mini (MSH) are the most suitable solution for tablet, Ultrabook and Thin Client applications that demand stability and longevity.

Available capacities are as follows:
HERMES-I Series SLC mSATA (MSM) : 4GB ~ 128GB
HERMES-J Series SLC mSATA mini (MSH): 4GB ~ 32GB

About mSATA SSD & mSATA mini SSD

mSATA SSD and mSATA mini are solid-state drives (SSDs) that conform to the mSATA interface specification developed by the Serial ATA (SATA) International Organization, as well as maintain the form factors compliant with JEDEC MO-300A (mSATA) and JEDEC MO-300B (mSATA mini) specifications.

mSATA SSD has the size similar to a business card and mSATA mini SSD is half-size of mSATA SSD. Both are designed for use in portable, power-constrained devices such as laptops, tablets, and notebooks. Advantages of mSATA SSDs include the small form factor, low power consumption, shock/vibration resistance and fast boot/shutdown capabilities.

HERMES-I MSM ERMES-J MSH compatibility Operating Temperature RoHS-2 & REACH SMART Conformal Coating
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The APRO team has more than 15 years of experience in the industrial & military applications field. We deeply understand the keys and features for those critical systems equipped with NAND flash storages. APRO is also fully aware of the features and needs of Industrial & Military customers, able to share extensive experiences in industrial NAND flash memory storages, and providing comprehensive product lines with full capacities to satisfy customers' requirement. APRO upholds the professionalism to deepen customers' satisfaction with APRO's services and experiences. APRO emphasizes products' stability and long-term supply and protects the rights and the most interests of customers. APRO also deliver a small quantity and various special specifications to meet customers' requirements. If you have any product and service inquiry, please contact APRO, APRO sales team will reply your inquiry within 24 hours during weekdays.

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