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APRO released the latest HERMIT-F Series
PCMCIA ATA Card Features Ultra High Random Speed

APRO, a leading brand in NAND type flash memory storages mainly for industrial and military applications, launched HERMIT-F Series ATA Card (PCMCIA ATA Card), which is designed based Hyperstone F9 CF/PATA controller.

APRO HERMIT-F Series ATA Card is fully compliant with ATA/ATAPI 7 standard and PC Card Standard 8.0 with PCMCIA Type II form-factor, and it is only available for SLC ATA card. APRO Ultra High Random Speed PCMCIA ATA Card - HERMIT-F Series supports fast ATA host-to-buffer transfer rate, PIO Mode 6, MDMA Mode 4, and UDMA Mode 6 in True-IDE Mode with high random write (4K data) performance. It automatically senses PC-Card (Removable Disk) or True- IDE (Fixed Disk) host interface Mode which is the feature of PCMCIA ATA Card.

The APRO HERMIT-F Series ATA Card is complemented by Hyperstones' hyMap firmware technology, which is highly acclaimed for enhanced endurance and highest random read and especially write performance.

In addition, HERMIT-F Series ATA Card pioneered the technology of 4K Mapping algorithm, and it effectively reduces the accumulation of the Write Amplification Factor (WAF). Through the 4K Mapping algorithm and hyMap firmware technology, the HERMIT-F Series ATA Cards effectively extend the lifespan and reliable operation. The performance of the sequential reading/writing is up to 59.0MB/58.0MB (16GB) per second; the 4K data random reading/writing is up to 10.7MB/10.0MB (8GB) per second. The outstanding high-speed random read and write performance enables the cards to be used in nearly all types of embedded applications.

The HERMIT-F Series ATA Card supports S.M.A.R.T. health monitoring and lifetime estimation tools so the user may inspect the health status of the ATA Card whenever it is necessary. It also features a rigorous power fail-safe design and provides reliable operation without the need of hardware-based power fail protection like tantalum capacitors.

HERMIT-F Series AFC (PCMCIA ATA Card) product line is available for operating temperature of 0°C ~ +70°C and wide temperature of -40°C ~ +85°C

Product capacities are available for:
SLC ATA Card: 128MB ~ 64GB

About PCMCIA ATA CARD (ATA Card / PC Card)
PCMCIA stands for Personal Computer Memory Card International Association, the group of companies that defined the standard, it is also called PC Card. PCMCIA ATA Card has arrived more than two decades since 1990, and the NAND flash technology applied for various storages with different form-factors and interfaces. With the great advantages of non-volatile and solid state, the PCMCIA ATA Cards are more robust than conventional hard disk drives and consume around 10% of the power required by small disk drives. The PCMCIA ATA Cards are still being made today to support legacy products and applications, mainly in aerospace, defense, transportation, GPS systems, and land surveying equipment, and particularly applied to Handheld PCs, PDAs, Digital Cameras, Laptops, Desk PCs as data storages devices, as well as other mobile devices.

HERMIT-F AFC Capacity compatibility Operating Temperature RoHS-2 & REACH SMART Conformal Coating
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The APRO team has more than 15 years of experience in the industrial & military applications field. We deeply understand the keys and features for those critical systems equipped with NAND flash storages. APRO is also fully aware of the features and needs of Industrial & Military customers, able to share extensive experiences in industrial NAND flash memory storages, and providing comprehensive product lines with full capacities to satisfy customers' requirement. APRO upholds the professionalism to deepen customers' satisfaction with APRO's services and experiences. APRO emphasizes products' stability and long-term supply and protects the rights and the most interests of customers. APRO also deliver a small quantity and various special specifications to meet customers' requirements. If you have any product and service inquiry, please contact APRO, APRO sales team will reply your inquiry within 24 hours during weekdays.

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