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APRO Co., Ltd. A PRO Partner for Industrial & Military Flash Solutions
APRO releases the latest HERMIT-E Series
USB 3.0 USB Flash Disk dedicated for Industrial
and Military applications

APRO HERMIT-E Series USB Flash Disk (UFD) conforms to USB3.1 specifications and is downward compatible with USB2.0 and USB1.1 specifications. HERMIT-E Series USB Flash Disks are available for SLC, MLC, and aSLC(1) flash types.

HERMIT-E Series USB Flash Disk (UFD) is designed with Hyperstone U9 Controller, which is the world's first flash drive USB3.0 Controller, that fully complies to industrial applications. USB (Universal Serial Bus) is the most common and multi-application transmission interface. The vast majority of motherboards are equipped with more than one USB Port.APRO combines the rigorous controller design concept with the popular USB interface and designs a series of industrial USB Flash Disks with a new experience for users.

APRO HERMIT-E Series USB3.0 UFD features the latest 4K Mapping algorithm to effectively reduce the accumulation of WAF (Write Amplification Factor). The HERMIT-E Series USB3.0 UFD also provides better performance, lifetime and excellent reliability via the real-time wear leveling algorithm. With the controller's HyMap(2) feature, the HERMIT-E Series USB Disk shows a superior random write speed, so that USB Flash Disk is no longer limited to data transmission and access. There is also a S.M.A.R.T. tool available and customers are easy to analyze effectively HERMIT-E Series UFD status anytime. So HERMIT-E Series USB Disk is more suitable for the system flash drive used in industrial computers.

The HERMIT-E Series UFD (USB Flash Disk) product line support operating temperature both in standard grade (0°C to 70°C) and Industrial grade or wide temperature (-40°C to +85°C). Furthermore, the series is equipped with rugged semi-metal housing to withstand mechanical exposure. The available capacities are listed as below:

SLC solution: 128MB ~ 64GB
aSLC solution: 4GB ~ 256GB
MLC solution: 8GB ~ 512GB

(1). aSLC solution is a breakthrough of APRO products. APRO applies firmware configuration to force MLC flash storages to act like SLC ones. Instead of storing 2 bits of data, aSLC will only store 1 bit of data per cell, this action significantly mitigates errors from occurring, and it can both extend endurance cycle and performances.

(2). Hyperstone’s newest hyMap® technology that utilizes special firmware algorithm to significantly enhance product reliability.

HERMIT-E UFD G3EL Capacity compatibility Operating Temperature RoHS-2 & REACH SMART Conformal Coating
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APRO corporate teams have been committing themselves to designing and delivering the NAND flash storages for industrial and military applications for more than 15 years. APRO knows well industrial customers' demands and products' characteristics.APRO provides the remarkable customer service through rich experiences, emphasizes the product stability and the long-termed supply, and guarantees customers' benefits when they choose APRO products.In the meanwhile, APRO also supplies customized products based on a diverse but small quantity. If there is any product demand or service requirement, please contact APRO sales team who always answer within 24 hours during working days.

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