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APRO Industrial 2.5" SATA III High Capacity SSD
with DDR III SDRAM Cache

The PHANES-HR Series 2.5" SSD answers the increasing need for SSD up to 2TB. With options of STD Temp. (0°C to +70°C ) and IND Temp. (-40°C to +85°C ), the PHANES-HR Series 2.5" SSD supports both SLC and MLC flash types. For SLC version, the capacity ranges from 32GB to 256GB and for MLC, from 64GB up to 2TB. APRO's PHANES-HR 2.5" SLC/MLC SSD is equipped with a rugged 7mm metal housing to support applications under harsh environments or withstanding mechanical stress. For better resistance against humidity, the series can be equipped with conformal coating.

PHANES-HR Series 2.5" SATA III SLC/MLC SSD is compatible with SATA 1.0a / 2.6 / 3.0 specification, supporting ECC, wear-leveling, bad block management, TRIM and S.M.A.R.T. in order to enhance the lifetime and reliability of the SSD and make these values visible for users.

Equipped with DDRIII SDRAM cache for higher data access rate, the sequential read speeds up to 550MB/ sec (max.) and sequential write up to 530MB/ sec (max.) at an IOPS rate of up to 90,000. PHANES-HR Series 2.5" SATA III SLC SSD is an optimal solution for embedded and industrial system in military/aerospace field, and the MLC solution with high capacity aims at the wider application in the semi-industrial and enterprise markets.

Over a decade of experience in the industrial flash market, APRO has grown steadily and become one of the most trustworthy partners that continuously provide a reliable solution and superb services. Customer's satisfaction and their trust in APRO is our motivation to achieve greatness.

2.5'' SATA III SSD Capacity compatibility Operating Temperature RoHS-2 & REACH SMART Conformal Coating
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APRO was established in 2004 by a group that has over 20 years of experiences for Industrial & Military applications and have become one of the leading brands in Europe and America. We are well-known for high quality products with outstanding customer service and technical supports.

We have established complete product lines, strict QC procedure, long term supply in fixed solutions and instant consultative supports, gaining the trust from high-tech electronics companies of industrial applications worldwide. APRO continues developing diversified products to provide our customers with extensive solutions in order to meet various market demands.

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