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APRO introduces HERMES-G Series
The Next Generation Form Factor

Taipei, Taiwan – June 29, 2015 – APRO Co., Ltd., a pioneer in industrial flash memory and embedded system presents HERMES-G Series M.2 (2242) SATA III SLC SSD. Its densities are available from 4GB to 32GB and can be offered in both standard grade (0゜C to +70゜C with 3 years warranty) and industrial grade (-40゜C to +85゜C with 5 years warranty) operating temperature. M.2 (2242) SATA III SLC SSD comes in small form factor; it’s suitable for embedded computing and industrial automating applications.

HERMES-G Series M.2 (2242) SATA III SLC SSD is compatible with SATA 1.0a, 2.6 and SATA 3.0 specification, it increases the transfer speed by adapting to SATA III framework to as high as 307.1 MB/sec of sequential read and 133.5 MB/ sec of sequential write speed (dual channel). Its physical specifications are 22 mm in width and 42 mm in length, connector is dual B + M Key with total of 59 pins gold fingers. HERMES-G Series M.2 (2242) SATA III SLC SSD further provides mean time between failures (MTBF) in excess of 3 million hours, and endurance performance greater than 2 million cycles with strong ECC of 40 bits per 1024 bytes block.

S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) function is available for HERMES-G Series M.2 (2242) SATA III SLC SSD to detect and anticipate any failures in real-time monitoring in order to prevent possible errors which may occur during operation. It is also compliant to RoHS/REACH regulation which guarantees M.2 (2242) SATA III SLC SSD to be environmental friendly with toxic free materials.

With a decade of hard working in industrial flash market, APRO strives to provide abundant product lines, detailed quality inspection, long-term supply policy and attentive customer services. It is our main goal to provide our customer with great satisfaction in user experience with a reliable and trustworthy supplier. APRO will continue to deliver mission critical and reliable solutions to everyone who reaches out to A PRO partner.



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