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APRO Showcase mini SATA III Module
Modules in Half Size, Module supports DRAM

Taipei, Taiwan – November 21, 2014 – APRO Co., Ltd., launched mini SATA III modules in two form factors and three series, HERMES-F Series (MSM), HERMES-HR Series (MSR) and HERMES-G Series (MSH). The mSATA modules are compatible with JEDEC standard: MO-300A and MO-300B specifications. The smaller and lighter form factors allow for space saving solutions where component placement is important. Mini SATA III modules in all series are compliant with SATA 1.0a, 2.6 and 3.0 specifications and are bootable for operating system installation.

HERMES-F Series Mini SATA III Module (MSM) is available as SLC and MLC solutions. SLC solution is available in capacities of 4GB to 64GB, supporting ATA/ ATAPI-7 compatibility with sequential read speed at 542.MB/sec (max.) and write at 270.6/ MB/ sec (max.). MLC solution supports capacities from 32GB to 128GB at its small form factor with the sustained read speed at 540.4MB/sec (max.) and write at 169.1MB/ sec (max.)

HERMES-G Series is released as SLC and MLC based mini SATA III Module, but the in Half Size form factor (MSH) supports users even better in a space saving solution. The SLC half size module delivers sequential read speed at 308.5MB/ sec (max.) and MLC, read speed at 313.5MB/ sec (max.).

HERMES-HR Series Mini SATA III Module with built in DDRIII SDRAM Cache (MSR) is only available in SLC solution. The mSATA complies with ATA/ ATAPI-7 and improves IOPS with the performance of sequential read speed at 539.2MB/ sec (max.) and sustained write speed at 253.2 MB/ sec (max.).

The above three series feature S.M.A.R.T function (tools offered by APRO.) attribute that automatically detects drive's condition to effectively protect data and wear-leveling factor, which helps to prolong the lifespan of modules. Besides, all mSATA III modules are with a professional focus on MTBF for over 4 million hours, endurance for more than 2 million cycles and data retention for 10 years without any battery buffer. Users can choose STD. Temp. (0 to +70 degree) and IND. Temp. (-40 to +85 degree) for all series to suit their specific application with consistent performance for lasting 2 to 5 years warranty and after-sales service.

APRO is a pioneer in storage and embedded system delivering products qualified in RoHS/ REACH regulations, customized service and instant technical support with a reliable solution for industrial applications. We only support optimal solutions and outstanding performance.


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