APRO Announced HERCULES Series Industrial mini PCI Express Flash Module, supporting Write Protection Function

Write Protection Switch
Taipei, Taiwan °V Friday, May 6th, 2011, APRO, the pioneer of NAND flash storages for various industrial, mission-critical & military applications, have announced the latest SSD application of HERCULES Series --- Industrial mini PCI Express Flash Module.

The Industrial mini PCI-E Flash Module works as SSD with mini PCI Express host interface, supporting Write Protection Function by switch and it provides all users with extra options and optimal solutions for their delicate applications. 

APRO HERCULES Series Industrial mini PCI Express Flash Module complies with mini PCI Express standard with PCI Express x1 lane bandwidth for high speed data transfer. Compare with conventional small form factor flash memory drive, APRO mini PCI-E Flash Module adopts 4-channel flash technology to access data to and from flash memory chips simultaneously to perform a very high speed of data transfer rate. PCI Express constantly functioned as a motherboard-level interconnect and computer expansion cards interface which is more and more common used in IPC and other industrial applications. Now, APRO PCI Express Flash modules are bare without casing to meet space-saving, thickness-reducing and height-lowering requirements and operate as Flash storage devices, satisfying customers°¶ demand for small dimension designs and embedded computing applications. APRO Industrial mini PCI Express Flash Module aims at the market of critical portable merchants and tablet applications, such as laptops, Rugged Notebooks, military portable devices, embedding computing and etc. Moreover, APRO understand what dear customers need, supporting Write Protection Function by switch in APRO Industrial mini PCI Express Flash Module to offer an optimal solution and read-only requirement. Newly released HERCULES Series Industrial mini PCI Express Flash Module available disk capacity is 8GB, 16GB and 32GB in SLC NAND Flash, supporting standard ATA command and performance up to 95.9 MB/s.

APRO have been long focusing on Industrial Flash Applications, and as one of the leading brand in America and Europe markets, we have established well-appointed product lines, strict QC procedure and instant technical consultative supports, gaining the trust from high-tech electronic companies of industrial applications world widely. In the future, APRO will not only persist in rigorous QC procedure and prompt customer supports as we always do, but develop diversity of competitive products to provide our customers with extensive solutions in order to meet thorough demands.

More information about APRO please visit : http://www.apro-tw.com

Brief Specification of Mini PCI-e Module

Mini PCI-e Module
Industrial Mini PCI-e Module
Flash Technology
8GB, 16GB, 32GB
Compliant with PCI Express Base Spec. 1.0a
Compliant with PCI ExpressR
Mini Card Electromechanical Specification Revision 1.2
Dimension (WxLxH)
30.00 x 50.95 x 6.90 (mm)
Weight (Net)
19.0 g °” 2 g / 0.684 oz.
Host Interface
52 pins mini PCI Express host slot
PCI Express x1 lane host bus
Data Transfer Rate
Supports high speed PCI Express host bus to 2.5Gbps
Sequential Read (Max.)
95.9 MB/sec (Max. /4-channel)
Sequential Write (Max.)
75.0 MB/sec (Max. /4-channel)
Random Access Time
0.3 ms
Power Requirement
+3.3 V °” 5%
Reading Mode
353 mA (Max.)
Writing Mode
354 mA (Max.)
Sleeping Mode
117 mA (Max.)
Operating temp.

STD. 0oC ~ +70oC / IND. -40oC ~ +85oC
Wide temperature -40oC ~ +85oC

Non-operating temp.
STD. -20oC ~ +80oC / IND. -50oC ~ +95oC
Wide temperature -50oC ~ +95oC
Global wear-leveling algorithms
8 bits or 15 bits per 512bytes block
Specification Download
Special Functionality

Hardware °V Switch for Write Protection Function

SLC - Standard grade : 3 years
Industrial grade : 5 years

  About APRO

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Taipei County, Taiwan, APRO has become the leading Taiwanese manufacturer of NAND flash storage products for industrial applications, supplying the global market through an extensive network of distribution partners. With extensive investment in R&D and customer service expertise, APRO continually exceeds expectations in terms of the product quality, performance and application of its industrial flash storage technology. APRO is renowned for delivering optimal, rugged and reliable solutions.

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