APRO announced today 256GB MLC 2.5" SATA SSD

APRO Hermes Series 2.5” SATA MLC SSDs up to 256GB


Taipei Taiwan – February 26, 2009 – APRO, a leading and professional manufacturer of Industrial NAND Flash products, today announced Hermes NAND-MLC 2.5” SATA Solid State Disks (SSDs) with capacity up to 256GB.


APRO Hermes Series SATA SSDs are 100% compatible to traditional hard disk drives (HDD). Further these offer technology based benefits to the user like resistance against shock and vibration, lower power consumption, no acoustic noise, no heat emission and an outstanding performance of up to 160MB/sec. The standard 2.5” form-factor and the SATA interface ensure electronic and mechanical compatibility, as the metal casing design enables APRO SSDs to endure also in harsh environments.


“We now do not only provide SLC Flash products, but also MLC to meet some customers’ demand for high capacity and cost saving solution. Since the controller design has advanced, the performance of MLC flash product has improved a lot. We expect APRO Hermes Series MLC SSDs with capacity up to 256GB will make a breakthrough in the flash storage market”, said Andy Lin, Marketing Manager from APRO.


APRO SSDs are designed and manufactured at ARRO headquarter in Taipei, Taiwan, and are delivered with a three-year warranty. APRO sells its flash products both to distributors and OEM customers worldwide.



● MLC-NAND type flash technology

2.5” SATA drive form-factor

● Metal casing to endure harsh environments

● Capacity from 8GB up to 256GB

● Performance up to 154.4MB/sec



● Operating temperature: 0˚C ~ 70˚C

● Non-operating temperature: -20˚C ~ 80˚C

● Acoustic noise: 0dB

● Vibration: 15G peak-to-peak max

● Shock: 1,500G Max.

● Power requirement: +5V ± 10%

● Static wear-levelling algorithms

● Endurance: Endurance management enables five years minimal useful life

● Data retention: 10 Years

● Weight (max.) 115g + 5g /4.06oz

● Dimension (W x L x H) 69.85 x 100.20 x 9.50 (mm)

● Warranty: 3 Years



APRO was founded in April 2004 and has become the leading industrial NAND flash storage products in Taiwan and one of the major industrial NAND flash storage providers worldwide. Headquartered in Taipei County and having over 30 employees, APRO has exceeded quality expectations and performance in the global marketplaces. With professional flash storage technology, expert service team and experience over 10 years in industrial application, APRO is admirable for rugged housing design, optimal solutions, high-capacity, efficiency operation speed, and also reliability.

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